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Candid Career Coach and LinkedIn influencer Vicki Marinker took inspiration from her own candidate experiences to help clients with their job search. Join us for this two-part recruitment special on the job market in 2023. Essential listening.

Episode Summary

Are you looking for a job right now? Are you thinking of changing career? Listen in as I speak to the Candid Career Coach Vicki Marinker, about the jobs market in 2023 (following the resource crisis of 2022), AI CV tracking, being an influencer on LinkedIn and the importance of professional employees developing their Personal brand. It took Vicki '15 years to be an overnight success' and has turned unhappiness - confessing to having been bullied, bored and burnt out it has taken her 23 years to apply all of her knowledge for the benefit of clients. Her advice - 'if you're unhappy move - you're not a tree! You can change and good things can come from that.' We also discuss the importance of overcoming hard times, the challenge in showing vulnerability and why it's important to present yourself as a whole person - not just a successful one. Join us in part 2 when we talk Tik Tok from a recruitment perspective, the importance of Employer Brand, finding your sense of purpose, some of Vicki's career highlights and a slightly mis-spent youth which led to a serious love for karaoke!

Episode Notes


2mins - January being one of the busiest times of the year for recruiters

3mins - The role of recruiter as therapist, counsellor and advisor - 'has never been a transaction for me' - dealing with human beings and emotions.

5mins - Managing expectations as a recruiter - and the candidate experience

9mins - What is the legacy of 2021 and 2022 from a recruitment perspective?

13mins - The outlook for 2023, candidates continuing to want more, and employers starting to take back control?

16mins - Vicki's advice for candidates entering the market right now

17mins - Recruiters looking at how active candidates are on LinkedIn and social media, telling a compelling story

21mins - The importance of a Personal Brand for professionals and 15 years to be an overnight success

27mins - Vulnerability and being 'bullied, bored and burnt-out'...why it's liberating to make changes in your life