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"Take the leap because you'll never be ready!" We speak to Communications consultant, business owner, keynote speaker, Mum, podcaster and self-confessed Lego fan Rachel Miller. Tune in, turn on and Pod-out!

Episode Summary

What is it like to start your own business as a communications consultant, going from just a start up, to an advising international business on best practice? Join us for this insightful conversation with Rachel Miller of All Things IC (internal communication), who talks about having the courage to take the leap, following 4 years of blogging and thinking about it, to a love of podcasting and maintaining a successful career as a working Mum. Not to mention a real passion for Lego mini figs!

Episode Notes

INTRO from Sam Bleazard

2mins - My love of LEGO

3mins - Conversations with clients about LEGO mini to make sure 'everything is awesome'.

5mins - LEGO typewriter

6mins - Blogging for 4 years and going into business for the first time - 9 years ago - while on maternity

9mins30s - Formative experiences in journalism. Straight from Sixth Form in 199

12mins - Favourite podcasts, and launching her own in 2014

15mins30s - Using babyseats as sound-proofing, while recording interviews on her driveway.

16mins30s - What are the most challenging aspects of podcasting?

18mins - Comms bling and 'Podfade'

20mins - "Take the leap because you'll never be ready!"

22mins - Internal Comms professionals - goalkeeper or coach? Rachel tells us why we 'empower people so they don't need us anymore'.

25mins - Personal brand is 'your reputation and promise'.

28mins - What are you known for?

29mins - Favourite podcast that you've recorded? Interviews and lasting legacy.

33mins - Giving structure, and including takeaways for every episode.

35mins - A quirky fact about Rachel...